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Dear members of Korean Fashion Illustration Association,

I am Juk Hyung Kang, the 9th President of this Association and the professor of Dong-Seoul University.

Since established in 1995, Korean Fashion Illustration Association has kept on developing by virtue of the progressive participation of the members as well as the devoted efforts of the successive presidents. The Association was registered as an incorporated organization in 2007 and now is the representative organization for fashion illustration in Korea.

The Association has been making efforts to expand the educational-industrial co-operations and international exchanges in order to develop more creative works related to the fashion illustration and to introduce new technologies which are reflective of the needs of this times. We've held a lot of exhibitions, either at regular intervals or special invitational, at home and abroad such as U.S.A., U.K., France, China, and Japan. The Association has also been holding the Fashion Illustration Contest for the young illustrators and students majoring fashion design annually.

Based on the development achieved so far, the Association will continue more substantial growth. The Association is going to make efforts as follows.
First, we plan to expand the base of the domain of the fashion illustration. We will guide various collegians and young illustrators to participate more positively in the activities of the Association with more active educational-industrial interchanges.

Second, we plan to make the Association as the place for amenities. We will hold various exhibitions and events so as to create the place for meetings among the members, where they are able to exchange valuable information and promote mutual intimate relations.

Third, we plan to manage the operation of the Association more clearly and effectively. To do this, all activities of the Association will be transparent enough for all the members to be much more interested in it.

I am deeply grateful to all the efforts and interests of the members, and solicit a favor of you to render any advices as well as encouragements to me and the Association. Many thanks.

March 15, 2012
Juk Hyung Kang
Korean Fashion Illustration Association